Tall, walks like a dinosaur, I grew up on cartoons, playing Sega Master System, wearing my rear bike tyres bald by doing wicked skids. I sound like a cross between Alan Partridge and Arnold Rimmer. I make very bad cups of tea, which is a jolly shame as I am very fond of tea, cheeses, biscuits, cake, climbing trees, jumping in puddles, comics, reading, art, crafts, poetry, music, comedy, cartoons, early mornings, ales, books, allotments, woollen jumpers, films, nature, the outdoors and the simpler life. I'm a creaky boned word shuffler, ink doodler and a lo-fi musician for Peregrine Vulcan & Pete The Astronaut, full of opinonions and have reluctantly now blossomed into a beautiful bored adult.
Feel free to ask me anything.
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